A Century on the Mount of Blessings



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A historical survey of God's Bible School and College from it's founding to the end of Michael Avery's term as president.

Author: Larry D. Smith--Former editor of The God's Revivalist and professor at God's Bible School and College

Target audience: GBS Alumni; Adults

Hardbacked: 421 pgs

Dimensions: 9.25" x 6.25" x 1.16"

Copyright 2016 Revivalist Press

Chapter Titles:

  1. Young Michigan Pastor (1837-1886)
  2. From Michigan to Cincinnati (1886-1992)
  3. A Growing Network (1892-1900)
  4. First Adventures on the Mount (1900: Martin W. Knapp Administration
  5. Go, Weary Toiler (1900-1901: Martin W. Knapp Administration)
  6. Heirs to the Throne (1901-1911: Period of Administrative Trustees Part 1)
  7. Struggles and Successes (1901-1911: Period of Administrative Trustees Part 2)
  8. Growth and Growing Pains (1911-1929: Early M.G. Standley Administration Part 1)
  9. Crossroads of the Holiness Movement (1911-1929: Early M. G. Standley Administration Part 2)
  10. Planning for Greater Things (1930-1949: Final Years of Standley Administration Part 1)
  11. Sunshine and Storm (1930-1949: Final Years of the Standley Administration Part 2)
  12. Wrestling with the Debt (1950-1965: Lloyd R. Day and Elmer G. Marsh Administrations)
  13. Significant Stabilization (1965-1975: Samuel E. Deets Administration)
  14. Greater Vision, Grander Ventures (Bence C. Miller Administration Part 1)
  15. Headway and Heartache (1985-1995: Bence C. MIller Administration Part 2)
  16. Unite the Two So Long Disjoined (1995--: Michael R. Avery Administration
  17. Epilogue: Punching Holes in the Darkness