Bridging the Gap — Fine Art Print


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"Bridging the Gap" depicts the hustle and bustle of the Ohio River in the early 20th century, featuring the iconic Roebling bridge, along with historic river boats, the Mt. Adams Church of the Immaculata, river workers, horses and carts, and the God’s Bible School Salvation Boat.

The inspiration for the piece came from the mission of the GBS students, who ventured into the slums of Cincinnati in order to reach the "untouchables" with the gospel.

The location of the Mt. Adams church represents much of the organized religion of the day: high and lofty, where only the elite and socially acceptable were welcome.

The location of the Salvation Boat down at the riverfront signifies the reality of Christ’s body going to where the lost are, in need of the life-changing message of the gospel. Thus, the students of GBS "bridged the gap" between the church and the riverfront.

Purchasing one of these will help support the mission of GBS and its students as it continues to reach the lost with the hope of the gospel.

These "Bridging the Gap" limited editions are signed and numbered by the artist.

Prints are 9 in. x 18 in.

If you'd like to donate to God's Bible School and College please do so at our giving website.