Defending Your Faith


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Description: This book is designed to equip Christians to defend their faith and teach others to do the same. Topics include the existence of God, the reliability of the New Testament, creation vs. evolution, and the resurrection of Christ.

Author: Dr. Mark Bird--Professor in the division of Ministerial Education at God's Bible School and College

Target audience: Pastors, Sunday school teachers, Christian school teachers, small group leaders, college students.

Paperback (Spiral Bound): 171 pgs

Dimensions: 10" x 8" x 0.63"

2nd Edition: Copyright 2006 Revivalist Press

Chapter Titles:

  1. Introduction to Apologetics
  2. Common Misconceptions
  3. Is There a God?
  4. Creation Apologetics
  5. More Creation Apologetics
  6. The General Argument for Christianity
  7. The Reliability of the N.T.--Bibliographical Test
  8. Historical Reliability of the N.T.--Internal & External Tests
  9. The Resurrection of Jesus Christ
  10. Fulfilled Prophecy
  11. The Deity of Christ
  12. The Closing Arguments
  13. Supplemental Material