Holiness for Growing Christians


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From the preface, "The aim of this book is to be as biblically and contextually accurate as possible in the use of words and phrases such as 'holy, holiness, sanctify, the Spirit-filled life, and entire sanctification.' Further, I seek to limit my comments to what the Scriptures actually affirm.

Author: Dr. Allan Brown--Chair of the division of Ministerial Education at God's Bible School and College

Target audience: New believers, all Christians

Paperback: 184 pgs

Dimensions: 9" x 6" x 0.38"

Copyright 2019 Revivalist Press

Chapter Titles:

  1. Welcome to the Family of God
  2. Holiness--What is it?
  3. Why is Holiness Important?
  4. How Can I Live a Holy Life?
  5. Who is the Wretched Man?
  6. The Problem of Self-Centeredness
  7. A Fully Surrendered Life
  8. The Characteristics of the Spirit-Filled Life
  9. Understanding and Facing Temptation
  10. Overcoming Temptation
  11. How to be Entirely Sanctified
  12. My Personal Testimony
  13. Appendix