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Written for the laymen, I Believe is a thoroughly biblical, theologically solid guide to basic Wesleyan-Arminian theology. Includes study guide questions and answers, suggested reading, and doctrinal summary statements at the end of each chapter.

Target audience: High-school/college or new believers.

Paperback: 200 pgs

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Copyright 2006 Revivalist Press

Chapter Titles:

  1. God's Book - Dr. Stephen Giibson
  2. Who is God? - Rev. Larry D. Smith
  3. The Trinity - Dr. Mark Bird
  4. To Be Human - Rev. Ben Durr, Jr.
  5. Sin: The Root of Every Problem - Dr. Philip Brown
  6. The Real Jesus - Dr. Mark Bird
  7. The Holy Spirit - Dr. Mark Bird
  8. Satan: Our Chief Enemy - Dr. Stephen Gibson
  9. Salvation: God's Provision - Dr. Philip Brown
  10. Salvation: God's Work and Our Response - Dr. Philip Brown
  11. An Introduction to Christian Holiness - Dr. Allan Brown
  12. Understanding Entire Sanctification - Dr. Allan Brown
  13. Steps to Entire Sanctification - Dr. Allan Brown
  14. The Three Pillars of Assurance - Dr. Allan Brown
  15. The Church: The Home Where We Belong - Rev. Larry D. Smith
  16. Christ's Triumphant Return - Rev. Richard Miles
  17. Heaven: Eternal Life with God - Rev. Richard Miles
  18. Eternal Punishment - Dr. Daniel Glick
  19. Final Events - Dr. Stephen Gibson
  20. The Ancient Creeds of the Church