Loving God


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Description: Loving God offers you an exciting opportunity to challenge your Sunday School or small group ministry to greater spiritual growth. This curriculum is designed to provide solidly biblical, spiritually-stretching lessons that minister to both the teacher and the students. Includes both teaching prompts and student hand-outs. This curriculum examines the concept of Loving God and how that applies in our lives.

Target audience: High-school/college; Sunday schools; small groups; new believers.

Paperback: 91 pgs

Dimensions: 11″ x 8.5″ x 0.25″

Copyright 2005 Revivalist Press

Chapter Titles:

  1. Introduction
  2. Lesson 1:Loving God Totally
  3. Lesson 2: A Self-Sacrificial Commitment
  4. Lesson 3: Delighting Ourselves in the Lord
  5. Lesson 4: Delighting in What Delights God–I
  6. Lesson 5: Delighting in What Delights God–II
  7. Lesson 6: Rejoicing in Serving Him–I
  8. Lesson 7: Rejoicing in Serving Him–II
  9. Lesson 8: Desiring to Please Him in Everything–I
  10. Lesson 9: Desiring to Please Him in Everything–II
  11. Lesson 10: Seeking Our Happiness in Him
  12. Lesson 11: Finding Our Happiness in Him
  13. Lesson 12: Thirsting For More
  14. Student Study Guides