The Call


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Description: Essays encouraging renewed commitment to the essentials of scriptural Christianity as the Conservative Holiness Movement has received them.

Author: Michael R. Avery; Larry D. Smith

Target audience: Members of the Conservative Holiness Movement

Paperback: 183 pgs

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Copyright 2013 Revivalist Press

Chapter Titles:

  1. A Call to Biblical Fidelity
    • Touchstone for Everything--Larry D. Smith
    • "The Bible Says"--Michael R. Avery
  2. A Call to Historic Roots and Continuity
    • Spiritual Roots--Michael R. Avery
    • Finding our Birth Certificate--Larry D. Smith
  3. A Call to Christian Community
    • As an Army with Banners--Larry D. Smith
    • The Church -- Community of Faith--Michael R. Avery
  4. A Call to Christian Holiness
    • Holiness--Michael R. Avery
    • Holiness: Beyond the Slogans!--Larry D. Smith
  5. A Call to Methodist Piety
    • Where Two Ways Meet--Larry D. Smith
    • A Return to Disciplined Spirituality--Michael R. Avery
  6. A Call to Authority in the Church
    • Authority in the Church--Michael R. Avery
    • Struggling with Submission--Larry D. Smith
  7. A Call to Corporate Worship
    • Angels Teach Us to Worship God--Larry D. Smith
    • Christian Worship--Michael R. Avery
  8. A Call to Consistent Discipleship
    • Developing Deep Christians--Michael R. Avery
    • Soldier of the Cross--Larry D. Smith
  9. A Call to Christian Social Witness
    • Never, Never, Never, Never!--Larry D. Smith
    • Holiness and Social Concern--Michael R. Avery
  10. A Call to Resurgent Hope
    • Renewing the Vision--Michael R. Avery
    • So What of the Future?--Larry D. Smith