The Journey


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A guidebook for how Christian teens and young adults can live biblically based lifestyles.

Target audience: Teenagers, young adults, new believers

Paperback: 175 pgs

Dimensions: 9" x 6" x 0.38"

Copyright 2002 Revivalist Press

Chapter Titles

  1. How Does the Bible Speak to Me? (Principles for Biblical Interpretation) - Dr. Allan Brown
  2. "I Think Paul Would Say..." - Rev. Ben Durr, Jr.
  3. Listen Up! God is Talking! - Dr. Michael Avery
  4. Living in the World Without the World Living in Me (Principles for Biblical Separation) - Dr. Daniel Glick
  5. What I Wear? Does God Care? (Principles for Dress) - Dr. Michael Avery
  6. New Release: The Entertainment Motive (Principles for Entertainment) - Mr. Nathan Brown
  7. Music--How Does it Move You? (Principles for Music) - Dr. Michael Avery and Mr. Rodney Sones
  8. No Fear! It's Clear! (Principles for Gaining and Maintaining a Good Conscience) - Dr. Daniel Glick
  9. Making it Right (The Biblical Requirement of Restitution) - Dr. Allan Brown
  10. Forgiveness: The Purest Expression of Love (Principles for Forgiveness) - Rev. Richard Miles
  11. From Date to Mate (Principles for Dating) - Dr. Ken Farmer
  12. Preserving Your Purity (Principles for Moral Purity) -Dr. Philip Brown
  13. Lifting Up a Standard (Principles for Personal Convictions) - Rev. Jack Hooker
  14. But I've Already Blown It! (Principles for Getting Back on Track) - Rev. Ben Durr, Jr.
  15. Take Someone with You (Principles for Sharing your Faith) - Dr. Mark Bird
  16. Hearing God's Call (Principles for Discerning the Call of God) - Rev. Edsel Trouten
  17. Secrets of the Journey (Principles of Spiritual Formation) - Rev. Larry D. Smith
  18. Answers to Study Guide Questions